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James Young is a texpat making music in Baltimore. He is a composer and improviser, administrator, educator, and show runner.

“There is seemingly no limit to his intensity.”
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He has developed a number of musical projects and organizations. Of these, Mind on Fire, established early 2017, is the apotheosis of a decade’s worth of musical research and observation.

“Some of the most fascinating productions in the area.”

James carries a doctorate in music composition, having devoted much of his life to studying the ability for organized sound to communicate and shape time. He has studied craft and musical thinking at Mass MOCA as part of the Bang on a Can Festival, June in Buffalo and Brevard, in Prague as part of the Czech-American Summer Music Institute, and at the Peabody Conservatory.

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All scores freely available upon request.


Dogs Dream of Ghosts
video opera (2020)

Choir (2018)

Two Paragraphs
Orchestra (2017)

Black Heart
Orchestra (2015)

Hammer So Much It Cracks
Soprano, Chamber Orchestra (2016)

Shouting at the Gates to the Neon Wasteland
Band (2015)

Many things upon a mountain
Orchestra (2014)

Struggle Hymn
Band (2014)

Aluminum Canon
String 4tet, winds, percussion (2013)

Symphony in Seven
orchestra (2011)


soprano, winds, double bass (2019)

Dog Poems
4 Low Voices or 4 High Voices (2019)

choir (2018)

Circles Alchemize on an azure sky
Flute, Violin, Double Bass (2018)

Summer songs we sang at the end
2 Sopranos, Drum Kit, Tape (2017)

Make fires
string quartet (2013)

Rainbow Shark
sax quartet (2013)

Static hazy circuit ray
Sax Quartet, String Quartet (2013)


Brittle King
flute (2020)

Temperance Heart
oboe, percussion (2018)

Fluorescent Skeleton
tenor sax (2017)

Winter 1811
Soprano, piano (2017)

cello, electronics (2015)

Cello suite
solo cello (2014)

Sudden gravities
piano, percussion (2014)

Marfa songs
soprano, drum kit (2013)

Nine Eidolons
solo piano (2013)

Amid her scarlet smile
soprano, cello (2012)

Nicotine wire
Amplified Viola, Percussion (2012)

True Fluorescent Skeleton

True Fluorescent Skeleton is an hour long exploration of memory, machinery, rust, ghosts, cybernetics, and neon while pushing into the utter sonic horizon of the tenor saxophone.

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FINE SINE is James Young and Jeff Zeiders.

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Mind on Fire is a modular chamber orchestra featuring the works of contemporary composers and showcasing performers of all disciplines for people of all backgrounds.

The group features living composers and diverse collaborators from poets, puppeteers, videographers, movement artists, comedians, and actors.

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